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You’re dealing with a foreign supplier and for some reason unknown you feel and realize that you don’t understand each other. You both speak the same language but a lot is lost in translation. We speak Chinese, English, Dutch and German and are very much multicultural.


You are looking for a product and you just don’t know exactly where to look for it. This product has to be custom made and you wonder how you can have it designed and produced. Whether it’s a new product or an existing product we’ll find it in our network.

Quality control

There is a product on its way to your company or to your customer. You need to have confirmation about the quality but you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. We have years of experience in searching for quality issues in container and bulk cargo.


You would love to present your amazing product(s) at an international fair. You need information about certain products and suppliers and would like someone to represent your company. We travel the world and are your business card to the world.

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Turn what you learn during life and study into something meaningful

We come from a wide range of cultures, languages and traditions.

Someone asked us recently how we have found such a wide variety of knowledge and experience in such a relatively small group of people. Once you're immersed in the world culture at a young age, you will create contacts and networks that last a lifetime. Language is our hobby and studying cultures and traditions is our book when we sit next to the fireplace in the evenings. The business side came to some at a younger and others at an older age. Watching your dad deal with customers and seeing a business partner light up about his ideas, the inspiration to inspire came naturally.

We would really enjoy helping you realize your dreams.

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